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We can make boxes of all sizes and shapes printing in up to three colours and for all areas of industry. Whether it be a simple brown outer carrying a product from one site to another or whether it be a multi print promotional box, we can design and supply it.

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At The Peter Marsh Group we manufacture paper sacks for many different industries and applications. Our core business is with the UK Food, Flour and Feed industries but we also supply sacks for plants, roses, football kits, potatoes and chemicals. All of the paper used in our sack production come from sustainable forests and is certified for food use.

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The company began trading in 1837. In 1861 Dundee Works, the home of The Peter Marsh Group opened and from that first day, Hessian sacks continued to be produced right up until the factory was destroyed in the May blitz of 1941. Whilst Dundee Works stood empty, production continued to take place at our other factory sites. Dundee Works was eventually rebuilt and opened its doors for the second time in 1952. Hessian sacks continued to be made up till the 1960’s when it was decided to switch production to the manufacture of paper sacks instead. In the late 1970’s a corrugated production plant was added to Dundee Works thus enabling ourselves to market both paper sacks under the management of Peter Marsh and Sons Ltd and corrugated board products under the management of Peter Marsh Packaging Ltd.

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